2. RGB Colors to Sherwin Williams Colors

    Useful site to match colors: http://www.easyrgb.com/


  3. Steve Nash talks about the reality and emotions of approaching the end of a career.


  4. Cool story of start-ups, the history of Google Voice and Yahoo Voice, and now UberConference.  Worth the watch. 


  5. Some would say that’s a lack of intellectualism! Maybe? I think it’s my lack of patience for complexity.
    — The CEO of headsets.com defending his preference for “pop books”.

  6. This is the problem with Google Plus - it’s closed.  One way traffic.  




  9. ifttt did a great job on this search page. 


  10. OK, the iPhone isn’t any cheaper than it used to be. But hey, look, it comes in lots of colors! Colors! Even pink! How will you be paying?